Friday, March 23, 2007

Williamson County tops population growth!

According to the Tennessean, Williamson County, Tennessee has reached number one for population growth in the state of Tennessee. Some experts say that it is a result of the recent natural disasters such as hurricanes forcing people to move from their homes and cities. In addition to being number one in growth for the state, Williamson County ranks as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Here is more from that article:

Actual Article:

Thursday, 03/22/07

Williamson's growth among top in nation Rutherford also on list dominated by counties in South

By LEE ANN O'NEAL Staff Writer

Lifelong Franklin resident Wayne Killebrew used to know many of his neighbors.
In recent years, he's had a hard time keeping up.

Williamson County added about 34,000 residents from 2000 to 2006, growing faster than any other Nashville-area county and earning it a spot among the fastest-growing counties in the nation, new census figures show.

These days, to keep pace with his fellow county residents, Killebrew would have to meet and greet about 7,300 new residents a year — or about 20 per day.

"A lot of these people I don't know now," said Killebrew, 60, owner of Rooster Tales, a furniture and home decor store. "They're moving in so fast I can't keep up with them."

Tax to help fund growth
To help pay for the growth, Williamson County recently passed a $1 per square foot tax on new homes, with the proceeds going to school construction, county planning director Mike Matteson said.

Rutherford County is the only other Midstate county to make the list of 100 fastest-growing counties.

Tennessee's population grew from 5.7 million in 2000 to more than 6 million in 2006.
Thirteen of the 20 fastest-growing counties in the country are in the South.

Killebrew said the biggest downside to the area's growth is the "horrendous" traffic.
"They keep building parks around here," Killebrew said. "People need traffic solutions."


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